The Squeezebox: Bibio- Mind Bokeh (2011)

31 03 2011

Wild, unfocused, and occasionally fascinating – Bibio surely isn’t trying to repeat himself much on the appropriately titled Mind Bokeh. Doing away with some of the sunny, almost tropic folk sounds of his previous LP Ambivalence Avenue and created this chaotic and Soulful slice of pop/electronica. It’s very overwhelming hearing this record the first time -you’re sort of confused and wonder where this album is going. Hazy Atmospherics, murky soul-searching, weaving bubbly Techno melodies, Funky Bass-lines, and stuttering Found-Sounds. While some songs are instantly appealing  and recall his earlier work (K is for Kelson, Anything New) some tracks begin to feel a little cluttered or are just total curve-balls (Take off Your Shirt). The more you listen however, the more the album unravels and the disparate elements seem to really gel. Mind Bokeh might make you scratch your head like I did the first time, or it could reveal itself for the album it is the first listen through – an eclectic showcase for one of electronic music’s most inventive producers.



Fresh Fish: Burial – Street Halo EP (2011)

28 03 2011

Not one, but Two Burial releases in the last week! not bad considering he was pretty much silent (outside of some Choice Collaborations) since 2007’s Untrue LP. Street Halo sports some of the longer tracks  of his work, but it’s still the same Foggy 2 step with Spliced RnB vocals just out of reach- that dub-step fans have learned to Love. This New EP is Out Today. Check it.



Stone Dog

Street Halo

Fresh Fish: Burial, Four Tet, & Thom Yorke- Ego/Mirror (2011)

25 03 2011

Need I say more?  It’s everything you could want from such a collaboration. Bringing in Burial‘s Murky Dub-stepping, Four Tet eccentric noodling, and Thom Yorke‘s Ghostly Vocals. check out this electronic Dream Team NOWW! or you know, later, or whatever..

Let’s Collectively cross our fingers for a full length album

Fresh Fish: Bones of Ghosts- Use your ends to choose your friends Vol. 1

22 03 2011

Another Diamond in the rough from Soundcloud! Brighton UK’s Bones of Ghosts drops a free compilation download of tracks that were once thought to be lost to hard drive failure but now reconstructed for our listening pleasure. Pretty neat stuff.

Here’s a Preview Mix of Use your ends… if you like what you hear, click the mediafire link on the page below for a download.

Fresh Fish: Never MP- Not Never! (2011)

17 03 2011

While Diggin’ in the massive vaults that are Soundcloud, I came across this new album/Playlists from unknown Hip Hop beatminer Never MP titled Not Never! -A solid Release of Instrumentals from across the pond, great for freestyling or just loungin’ on a saturday afternoon. I must say, I love that dusty vinyl vibe on these songs. the samples all sound at least 50 years old! Dope!

Happy Patty’s day everyone! -Armordillo

The Squeezebox: Elbow- Build a rocket boys! (2011)

9 03 2011

After winning the British Mercury Prize in 2008 with their stellar Seldom seen kid, The guys from  Manchester took a little time with the follow-up to so much success. Build a Rocket Boys! comes equipped with orchestral, Arena Ready Anthems still made to rise above the rafters- Where Emotive Subject matter and patient but Progressive Songwriting takes precedence. Filled up largely with slow, contemplative, Piano-based Melodies and Orchestral beauty. The band is Perhaps less ambitious than Seldom… and sounding more “Content” with themselves. That’s not necessarily a flaw though and It makes sense; Elbow is now more popular and acclaimed than ever before. How should band sound that has made a career writing songs about being depressed and downtrodden to now find themselves content in a heap of new fans and due respect?

Sometimes though, Rocket.. can be a little laborious to get through. The pacing of the album can slow down to a halt; some of the tracks are a little too spare and feel sluggish; which might make you tune out and allow it to fade into the background. Still, a great follow-up to Seldom seen and a very welcome addition  to Elbow’s Catalogue.

76% – Armordillo

The Squeezebox: PJ Harvery Let England Shake (2011)

24 02 2011

Veteran Singer/Songwriter PJ Harvey Makes a big statement with her newest LP, Let England Shake: a wide-spanning concept album dedicated to her own country and the price of War.  Staunchly British, this album is filled with all sorts of Britishisms.  Shuffling Folk Rock and occasionally dreamy ballads dominate this album; bringing in boozy horns, Jalopy sounds and Peppy Choruses and Chants that turn what could be a drawling, preachy album into something immediate and, at parts, even kind of bouncy and fun, despite the Vivid and often Brutal lyrics.  Her words strike with conviction and sadness about her home country during wartime—A message that while even in the US (of which some of the lyrics express a bit of resentment)  can still be heard and hit close to home. The words might be a little heavy-handed at times, particularly the middle of the album, Which turns Let England Shake into something more impressive and thought-provoking than enjoyable. But I seriously doubt that’s what Ms. Harvey what’s going for to begin with.

86% – Armordillo

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