Squeezebox: Delorean – Subiza (2010)

8 12 2010

The Squeezebox is a sub-section of Balafonic that offers brief, 1-2 paragraph album reviews. It is updated daily(ish).

When I heard there was a new electro-dance-pop group hailing from the turbulent Basque region of northern Spain, my mind started spinning.  Will it have Spanish lyrics?  Will it be political?  Separatist, even?  What kinds of cultural influences from their home region will influence it?  I was really excited, and then I listened to the album and well, it met none of my expectations.  The lyrics are in English.  There’s nothing political, or even particularly Spanish about it.  As it turns out, Delorean is actually catering to the larger European club scene, but taken as it is, Subiza comes out as a very good album.  Chock full of multi-layered harmonic electronic sounds, put together in symphonic, uplifting and crowd-pleasing arrangements, Subiza comes together beautifully and, on my headphones, makes me want to spin in circles, fall in the grass and stare at the clouds.  How refreshing.


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