Fresh Fish: Burial – Street Halo EP (2011)

28 03 2011

Not one, but Two Burial releases in the last week! not bad considering he was pretty much silent (outside of some Choice Collaborations) since 2007’s Untrue LP. Street Halo sports some of the longer tracks  of his work, but it’s still the same Foggy 2 step with Spliced RnB vocals just out of reach- that dub-step fans have learned to Love. This New EP is Out Today. Check it.



Stone Dog

Street Halo


Fresh Fish: Burial, Four Tet, & Thom Yorke- Ego/Mirror (2011)

25 03 2011

Need I say more?  It’s everything you could want from such a collaboration. Bringing in Burial‘s Murky Dub-stepping, Four Tet eccentric noodling, and Thom Yorke‘s Ghostly Vocals. check out this electronic Dream Team NOWW! or you know, later, or whatever..

Let’s Collectively cross our fingers for a full length album

Fresh Fish: Bones of Ghosts- Use your ends to choose your friends Vol. 1

22 03 2011

Another Diamond in the rough from Soundcloud! Brighton UK’s Bones of Ghosts drops a free compilation download of tracks that were once thought to be lost to hard drive failure but now reconstructed for our listening pleasure. Pretty neat stuff.

Here’s a Preview Mix of Use your ends… if you like what you hear, click the mediafire link on the page below for a download.

Fresh Fish: Never MP- Not Never! (2011)

17 03 2011

While Diggin’ in the massive vaults that are Soundcloud, I came across this new album/Playlists from unknown Hip Hop beatminer Never MP titled Not Never! -A solid Release of Instrumentals from across the pond, great for freestyling or just loungin’ on a saturday afternoon. I must say, I love that dusty vinyl vibe on these songs. the samples all sound at least 50 years old! Dope!

Happy Patty’s day everyone! -Armordillo

Fresh Fish: Ringo Deathstarr- Imagine Hearts

11 03 2011

Goofy named (but Awesome) Ringo Deathstarr revive some shoegaze greatness on the opening track from their debut LP, Colour strip. Now, the entire album doesn’t sound entirely like this, a lot of these songs have a distinct garage sounding Noise Pop sound, but Imagine Hearts sounds like a long-lost My Bloody Valentine Single. Warped and disorienting, gorgeous but ugly, sounding like the listener is going through a washing machine. A track you gotta check out if you’re a fan of massive waves of guitar chaos.


Fresh Fish: Sepalcure- Fleur EP (2011)

7 03 2011

Already sporting an all-star roster of  producers, Scuba, Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison, Etc., Hot Flush is rapidly turning out arguably the hotbed of Garage/2 Step dopeness. Sepalcure is the latest product of the label: Producers Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart, (who usually records Glitchy Break-beats under the Moniker MachineDrum) together craft Dub-step with a more Spacious feel to their sound and a unique blend of deep techno and house Influences. You can Bask in the hazy tranquility of these beatscapes rather than the subterranean Gloom and claustrophobia of most dubstep. Fleur offers a more heady and surreal take on a genre that is sometimes too preoccupied with just melting your face and rattling your rib cage.   at the risk of being too pre occupied with the  rising popularity of dubstep/ 2 step Garage, we offer you Sepalcure and the newest Gem Fleur EP  for the amazing Hot Flush Records.  Fans of the label gotta pick this one up along with their previous EP/Single, Love Pressure.

83%- Amordillo

Fresh Fish: Dunian- Dunian EP (2010)

28 02 2011

It’s hard to find much information on Dunian, A little-known Electronic Artist that meshes the Hazy nostalgia of chillwave with some  trippy  beats of flying lotus-style hip hop. But here it is, a Free EP for you all to absorb. Hopefully this Guy can get some more exposure and perhaps bless us with a full length soon. click on the album art on the right to Download for free.

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