The Squeezebox: The Pains of being Pure at heart- Belong (2011)

29 03 2011

I admit, I went into listening Belong a little hesitant. It’s not that I didn’t like their 2009 Self titled debut. there were some great  songs on there, but tPoBPaT (what a crappy Acronym to type) was made a little uneven for me by a bit too much sugary preciousness that ran rampant throughout the album: Pretty but a little fluffy, with little strength behind it to cement in my mind or punch that particular chorus home. On their sophomore release Belong, They fix all the complaints I had with their sound and more.

Still mining Nostalgic Indie Pop Nuggets of Yester-Year, This album adds some new-found muscle to their Songs. The guitars are Heavier and more aggressive, the songs structures more creative and accomplished, and the production is boosted to a little higher fidelity  so the album feels less like a wispy 80s demo tape. It sounds like a big shift to avoid the second album curse, but they come out on the other side sounding like an  engaging and confident group. At its heart, it’s still a pop album; no amount of crunchy of guitars can take that away; gorgeous Pop songs about young love and looking back on your high school days. Packed with Melodies so addictive and catchy, you’ll swear you knew the words all along -like a lost song trapped in your memory. This new Punch to their sound has made me really reconsider Pains… They seem to be growing up a bit despite their nostalgic outlook:  from a wide-eyed group of lo-fi revivalists to a great Indie Rock Band that write undeniable pop songs.


Belong is now streaming for free on the band’s website. Neat-o


The Squeezebox: Cut Copy – Zonoscope (2011)

7 02 2011

It’s been two years since In Ghost Colours, a collision of Insanely Catchy Melodies and Daft Punk Booty- Blastin’ Techno. Shacking up in Their Native Melbourne with a newly rented Warehouse/ Studio/ Factory/Flat thing to record their latest installment Zonoscope– a Self-Produced album billed as more experimental and ambitious than their previous work.

The Band seems to have traded in some of their samplers and drums machines to start writing songs with a more traditional Approach (Drums/Bass/Guitar and synthesiser). This leads the album to more of a flowing, hypnotic, and ultimately more layered sound. A psychedelic disco party that rewards repeated listening. It’s Summer in Australia and this album serves as a Perfect Soundtrack to warm weather and drinking on the porch. Cut Copy‘s Bouncy brand of House-Thump will be missed, but Musicians have to press on and evolve their sound, I get that, and the results rarely end up as great as Zonoscope.   83% -Armordillo

Cut Copy’s MySpace

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