The SqueezeBox: Radio Dept- Passive Aggressive Singles 2002-2010

9 02 2011

So, What Started this Foray into Indie Rock you ask? (OK, probably not, but bear with me for a moment)Pixies like a lot of people? Built to spill? Dinosaur Jr.? Pavement? Guess again – The Swedish Based Radio Dept. As basically the first cool Band I ever got into during high school, I feel a sentimental attachment to Radio Dept.- A seemingly Random Introduction to the music, but it broke me out of my Angst-ridden Nirvana phase and into their style of Synth-y Dream Pop . With Awesome lo-fi instrumentation, breathy vocals, and melancholy subject matter, it was Perfect soundtrack for the Arrested Development of my youth. When I Decided to download their debut album Lesser Matters on an off-chance,They Showed me a way and inspired yours truly to keep digging and pursuing music that’s maybe a little under the radar or lesser known, If it weren’t for Radio Dept, I might not be here today writing this sentence. It’s Clear these guys mean a lot more to me more than the average band.

Now, Nearly Ten Years after their formation and just releasing what might be their best album in Clinging to a scheme, They Come out with a 2-disc Compilation celebrating their work over 21st century. Now these “best-of” releases usually fall into the pitfalls of either A) picking their most well-known songs and glossing over the hidden gems  or B) Choosing too many obscure B-sides throw-aways that only the most die-hard of fans would enjoy. Usually just a way for some quick cash or to fill their record company’s quota, This Singles Comp actually walks a fine line between the two gloriously.

The Truth about Passive Aggressive and The Radio Dept. is that their Singles-Only tracks and/or B-sides actually often equal their Album output and Sometimes; even Eclipses it. Now that the group is more popular than ever, they have some Clout and deserve a career spanning Set to branch out into new fan bases. It’s a great way to hear some of your favorite songs along with some fresh material that might have been Doomed to obscurity. Whether you’re a New Fan looking for a place to start or a Familiar Listener craving new Dream Pop Perfection, look no further.

-90% Armordillo

radio-dept set on Soundcloud


Fresh Fish: Inspired Flight – Chemicals (featuring Scarab) (2010)

25 01 2011

An evolving slice of electronica and dream pop, a six and a half minute song that feels like three – filled with soothing loops, echo-y, Cure Guitar and other analog goodness.  Featuring Living Legends MC Scarab – who drops conceptual rhymes in a reflective but compelling delivery about Pills, Substances, and the effects on the human mind.  However, this song isn’t the Drug Fueled Anthem I make it out to be.  By the time the duet with lead singer Gabe Lehner (also known as Chavez) appears, It turns into a comforting lullaby, sounding both loving and melancholy at the same time. Perfect to listen to wrapped in a comforter with your love/ significant other.  For those of you wanting Postal Service style marriage of Pop and Electronics without the preciousness/nausea and a broader vision for their sound – we may have found your band.


Inspired Flight’s Myspace

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