Squeezebox:Damu the Fudgemunk-Supply for Demand(2010)

9 12 2010

Talk about Prolific. D.C’s Damu the FudgeMonk, First Appearing with Insight in Y society on their 2007 album Travel at your own place released an album that takes the listener back to the early 90s.Combining dusty horn and keyboard samples with stand up bass and booming drums, Damu recalls the production style of Beat legends Pete Rock, Prince Paul, and early Premier for the 21st century. In little over 3 years since then Damu has released Album after Album of consistently strong instrumental Hip hop. From the free download albums Wonka beats,Spare time,&Overtime (A True man of the people) to his Magnum Opus How it should sound vol. 1&2. In such a short time he has proven himself to be one of best Beatminers of the decade and truly a link to the past for those of us wishing tribe still made records and MTV still played Music.

Supply for demand continues his winning streak of fantastic crate digging, while adding in some new ideas and evolving his sound. If you have his earlier albums you’ll notice somethings have changed with this release.The heavy Jazz influence is definit
ely still present but the arrangements are now murky and chaotic,the melodies are now more subtle and buried in the mix.Although the approach has changed slightly, it is far from alienating.The heavy Jazz influence on his work is still there for fans old and new. Damu also takes his turn behind the microphone proving himself a surprisingly solid MC on a couple of tracks. Whether ripping it about his hometown on DC Joint or just word weaving between the Bucktown horn sample and Suzanne Vega  on Bright Side, he proves himself better than 99% of Producers who think they can rhyme (here’s looking at you Kanye) and can hold his own with his peers. The Only Flaw to this album is the length: with only 9 only and a bunch of instrumentals, if feels more like an E.P. than anything. Still, it is likely to be one of the Underground releases of 2010 and another Notch on The Fudgemonk’s MPC. 8/10        -Armordillo


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