The Vault:Arctic Monkeys-A Certain Romance(2006)

10 12 2010

Written with Uncanny Observation and Dry Wit, This Semi-Anthem strikes a cord within us all:Daring tales of Adolescence and growing up. This has seemed to be the Monkeys Forte: Forging Stories of Drunken Bar fights and Dance Floor Lust into Tales of Near Myth you would laugh about and exaggerate to your friends the morning after. Of all the songs on their record breaking debut, this is the group at their most tender and memorable Catchy while Rocking hard, Weary but still sounding Uplifting. Being the last track on the album makes a lot of sense. Sounding like Alex’s Turners Final Story Before calling it a Night and passing out with a pint in his hands, A Bloody Nose, and a grin on his face.    –Armordillo


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