Fresh Fish: Segal- I Wanna be your Facilitator (2011)

14 02 2011

When I first heard this in the most recent episode of Skins, The Party goer in me was thinking “ooooohhh snap, I Have to find this” Matched perfectly with a scene of British Club Chaos, it’s jerky rhythmatics, disorienting Synth, and rattling bass, make for ideal rave-creation. I had to find this, but had no luck anywhere, until now… UK’s  Segal – who produces a lot of the soundtrack for Skins (Including the Themes), posted Facilitator last night – sure to please many fans of a show where music plays such a huge role in creating vibes and atmosphere. Have your own Crazy Dancehall in the convenience of your home- Just find a strobe light and Crank this – Armordillo


The Squeezebox: Cut Copy – Zonoscope (2011)

7 02 2011

It’s been two years since In Ghost Colours, a collision of Insanely Catchy Melodies and Daft Punk Booty- Blastin’ Techno. Shacking up in Their Native Melbourne with a newly rented Warehouse/ Studio/ Factory/Flat thing to record their latest installment Zonoscope– a Self-Produced album billed as more experimental and ambitious than their previous work.

The Band seems to have traded in some of their samplers and drums machines to start writing songs with a more traditional Approach (Drums/Bass/Guitar and synthesiser). This leads the album to more of a flowing, hypnotic, and ultimately more layered sound. A psychedelic disco party that rewards repeated listening. It’s Summer in Australia and this album serves as a Perfect Soundtrack to warm weather and drinking on the porch. Cut Copy‘s Bouncy brand of House-Thump will be missed, but Musicians have to press on and evolve their sound, I get that, and the results rarely end up as great as Zonoscope.   83% -Armordillo

Cut Copy’s MySpace

The Squeezebox: Soundpool- Mirrors in your Eyes (2010)

13 01 2011

Brooklynite 5 piece band go from flirting with a concept to embracing it wholeheartedly and delivering a unique blend of sounds on their latest: Mirrors in your Eyes. Shoe-gaze/reverbed guitars/keyboards and ethereal, far off vocals married to a deep dance groove. while sounding strange on paper, this synthesis is Swirling and Intoxicating; breathing new life into a genre of Indie Rock thought to be decades dead. Soundpool creates a feeling that instead of looking at your feet sheepishly, you are more inclined to  stare at a disco ball, rock your glow sticks, and strut your stuff. crafting its own little world to wash over you. Brilliant album for fans of Deloreon and School of Seven Bells and other indie influenced electronic acts. Check out their new video below and you’ll definitely see what I mean –Armordillo

The Squeezebox: Foals – Total Life Forever (2010)

22 12 2010

When I first Heard Foals two years ago, I had sort of a feast or famine reaction to their debut Antidotes. Parts of it were an awesome collision of post-punk/dance with mathematical guitar lines and odd time signatures. Many songs Hit the sweet spot of balancing the two sides of their sound such as balloon and two steps twice, while others are just too angular for their own good. Enter Total life Forever: an album totally blowing all my expectations out of the water.

Perhaps inspired by the recent crop of dance music raiding indie music circles, for their Sub Pop Debut they decide on taking away the abrasive Punk-ish attitude and develop a far more complex, accomplished, and layered approach to songwriting . The songs structures ebb in and out for a more laid back feel; sometimes developing a danceable funk groove while simultaneously being more emotive and immediate – Less Gang of Four, More Talking heads. It still fits within the template of their original sound but comes off in a Completely different way. In fact if you played this to someone who’s heard their debut and play this album without telling them, they wouldn’t know it was the same band. A brilliant, accomplished album that I feel was criminally over looked in the States this year. Don’t sleep


Fresh Fish: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (2010

21 12 2010

Kind of a strange name of an electronic pop musician, this new comer from Orlando  is a total dance schizophrenic.  On a few short E.P.’s he has tied together elements of many disparate genres of electronica: drum n bass, house, dubstep, breakbeat, you name it, he has it all. For his lead single he tries his hand at pop songwriting, bringing in Louisa from Lulu and the Lampshades (never heard of them before) to trade-off with him in this charming dance pop duet. Full of Atari bleeps, chest-rattling bass, and sleek keyboard chords propelling the track, it comes off sounding like the love child of the XX and Cut Copy that will stay in your ears for days. -Armordillo

Trackrunners:Floor Blaster dance mix

14 12 2010

Boogie down music. Mostly electronic with some hip hop and danceable indie tracks. Best served loud.

Floor Blaster dance mix on 8tracks

  1. Do the Astral Plane x Flying Lotus
    Album: Cosmogramma  2010
  2. Live At Dominoes x The Avalanches
    Album: Since I Left You 2000
  3. Witness (One Hope) x Roots Manuva
    Album: Run Come Save Me 2001
  4. Hearts On Fire x Cut Copy
    Album: In Ghost Colours 2008
  5. Derezzed x Daft Punk
    Album: Tron Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Year: 2010
  6. Clears Throat x FUR
    Album: EP  2010
  7. At Last I Am Free x Pretty Lights
    Album: Filling Up The City Skies – Disc 1  2008
  8. At My Heels x Twin Shadow
    Album: Forget  2010
  9. I Walk The Earth x King Biscuit
    Album: No Style
  10. Triple Chrome Dipped x Michna
    Album: Magic Monday 2008
  11. Moonsoon x Delorean
    Album: Ayrton Senna (Bonus Track Version) – EP 2009
  12. If I Ever Feel Better x Phoenix
    Album: United 2000
  13. Phoenix x Daft Punk Album: Homework 1997
  14. Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers remix) x Empire Of The Sun
    Album: 2008
  15. You’ll See It x Washed out  Life of Leisure EP 2010

The Vault:Chemical Brothers- Star Guitar (2002)

10 12 2010

Trading in their trademark arena-ready version of rock/Hip Hop (Coined as “Big-Beat” ) and going for something far more ethereal, This spaced out dance epic is a warm but distant display of the chemical brothers reaching for the skies. Built around a warped guitar sample from David Bowie, one feels a sense of calm wash over them as the sit back and rock your head to the pulsing 2 step drum beats. Like shooting past planets in hibernation mode, This is a dance song for the sedated 23rd century. A track you can sit back and enjoy or one you can dance to in repetitive ecstasy. 9.2/10 -Armordillo

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