Armordillo’s Top 10 Albums of 2010 #5-1

20 12 2010

5. Twin Shadow- Forget

Surpassing the eighties worship of this day and age, Twin shadow and Producer Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear) create an album of accomplished depth and emotion. Dark indie musings paired with a murky disco vibe make this perfect for either the bedroom or the dance floor.

4. LCD Sound System- This is Happening

One of the biggest Indie Icons of the past five years released his second masterstroke in a row.  Supposedly his last album, James Murphy continues to shed the Dance-Punk tag and brings more emotional weight to his songwriting.  Tracks such as All I Want and I Can Change show him raw and flipped on his back with his belly exposed.  This doesn’t make This is Happening any less listenable though, and of course,  there are still tracks to dance yourself clean.

3. Broken Social Scene- Forgiveness Rock Record

Bringing to the table their usual army of Guitars, Synths, Strings, Huge Hooks, and layered Songwriting, Broken Social Scene is a band everyone should know of. Shifting their approach since their self-titled album from five years earlier, production by Tortoise’s John McEntire really opens the songs up to breathe.  For that, Forgiveness is a much more spacious and light affair while still delivering a stellar batch of songs.  While initially puzzling for long time fans, this new feel allows for slowly unraveling  layers of sound  that grow on you with each listen.

2. Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

Bradford Cox and Company’s explorations into dream pop reach their Zenith by taking their lo-fidelity bedroom recording style and opening it up to the world.  Instead of masking their songs in reverb and shards of noise like in the past, they let the songs speak for themselves resulting in the most approachable album they’ve ever recorded.  Since the first time I heard this it felt like an indie classic and I don’t feel that will ever change. Well, maybe it will, if Deerhunter can ever top this.

1. Local Natives- Gorilla ManorAn Album so consistent with incredibly balanced songs where every musician plays their part so perfectly it sounds almost democratic. L.A.’s Local Natives form gorgeous, uplifting,  three-part harmonies paired with heavily percussive guitar/piano-driven folk rock.  Once Described as the West Coast Grizzly Bear, their music is much warmer and uplifting.  Local Natives try to win your heart over rather than impress, which makes for an amazing debut where start to finish.  Every song is great.


Armordillo’s Best of 2010 Track Runners Mix

16 12 2010

Here’s me looking back on a great year of music with some of my favorite songs in no particular order. 2010 to me seemed to be the year of the niche. Instead of  rallying under one flag(or band), peoples opinions are divided pretty much across the board. Rather than career-defining epics like previous years, the releases this time seemed to scratch a certain itch or fill a void. Love it or Hate it, that is  what makes 2010 one of the most diverse and interesting years of tunes in recent memory.

Top 10 Albums of the year are coming soon!

-Armordillo’s Best of 2010 Mix-

  1. Floating Vibes x Surfer Blood
    Album: Astro Coast
  2. You x Gold Panda
    Album: Lucky Shiner
  3. Revival x Deerhunter
    Album: Halcyon Digest
  4. Solitude Is Bliss x Tame Impala
    Album: Innerspeaker
  5. Promises x The Morning Benders
    Album: Big Echo
  6. Woe Is Me x The Walkmen
    Album: Lisbon
  7. Blessa x Toro Y Moi
    Album: Causers Of This
  8. David x The Radio Dept.
    Album: Clinging to a Scheme
  9. Aminals x Baths
    Album: Cerulean
  10. Dead Nationale x Parades
    Album: Foreign Tapes
  11. Walk In The Park x Beach House
    Album: Teen Dream
  12. Anyone’s Ghost x The National
    Album: High Violet
  13. Polybreak x FUR
    Album: Polybreak
  14. Superfast Jellyfish (feat. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul) x Gorillaz
    Album: Plastic Beach
  15. Texico Bitches x Broken Social Scene
    Album: Forgiveness Rock Record
  16. And This Is What We Call Progress x The Besnard Lakes
    Album: The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
  17. Slow x Twin Shadow
    Album: Forget
  18. Modern Man x Arcade Fire
    Album: The Suburbs
  19. Cubism Dream x Local Natives Album: Gorilla Manor

The Squeezebox: Qwel & Maker-Owl (2010)

14 12 2010

Continuing their ongoing collaboration Chicago natives MC Qwel and producer Maker produce their third and finest effort yet, Owl.Although only around a few years, Qwel has proven himself one of the best lyricists of this era. This typical cats member weaving complex, emotive Rhymes together with deft and adaptable flows at will, slow meditative rhymes one minute, intense spitfire delivery the next. despite this, his style can be taxing and unapproachable. Sometimes more concerned with battling his personal demons than pleasing the listener. with Owl however, he scales back some of his eccentricities and it makes for more relaxed out and consistent album than their previous records.

I swear, Maker Consistently impresses me on every release. Seemingly finding an entire new batch of unique samples and sounds each release to fit the project. This time his beats are more subtle and relaxed; scaling back some of the world-music melodies to leave space for His Partner to breath. You Aren’t being bombarded from two Fronts this time and it goes a long way. Strangely some restraint from both parties made for a more listenable, soulful, and ultimately better album. At a time when you have to dig deeper to find gems, Owl is a true gift; a new album to fill the void in hip hop.

8.5/10 -Armordillo

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