The Squeezebox: Casino vs. Japan-Whole numbers play the basics(2002)

15 12 2010

Often compared to Scotland’s Boards of Canada since his debut, Milwaukee’s Eric Kowalski as Casino Vs. Japan Crafts a brand of electronica composed of surreal ambient soundscapes melded with glitchy hip hop beats. However, with their second album Whole numbers play the basics is where the comparison should end. instead of dwelling in the eerie lo fidelity of the former, His music takes on a more open and futuristic approach that consumes the listener with a  sense of watery tranquility. Sounding like it was recorded in an alien laboratory or an ocean on the moon, you should find this album immediately and find out what it really means to “space out”.

9.1/10      -Armordillo

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Track Runners: Chilled out Mix

12 12 2010

A new Mix for lounging. Chilled out, relaxed,with some instrumentals for your snow time vibes Many More Mixes to come…..


1.Linctus- Aim
2.I Know-The Beta Band
4.Song 1- DJ Krush
5.Misnomer-Four Tet
6.Quiet Now-Daedelus
7heroes eligy- Blue States
8.Hatoa- Bonobo
9.Marvellous-Noonday Underground
10.Your girl- Blue States
11.What does your soul look like?-DJ Shadow
12.Synopsis- Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician
13.Aquarium- Casino VS. Japan
14.Mad Blunted Jazz-DJ Cam
15.Words to that Effect-Hint

Squeezebox: Yppah- You are beautiful at all times (2006)

12 12 2010

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, an album appears that offers a familiar but new twist to beat music.  Texan Joe Corrales under the alias Yppah (happy! get it? I didn’t notice for the longest time) offer up a intriguing  collision of styles on his debut.  Fusing eclectic genres: the sonic textures of down tempo electronica, hip-hop break beats with reverbed indie guitars and melodies.  It all blends together for a lush, melancholy version of electronic shoegaze, hip hop thing (genre pending).  Soothing and contemplative, its one of those rare electronic albums that feels like it has a life-force of its own.

9.3/10 -Armordillo

Yppah on

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