The Squeezebox: Vessels- Helioscope (2011)

16 03 2011

This is what Indie Rock Should sound like. Challenging and exciting, visceral and emotive, Vessels release Helioscope– An Album of Angular, progressive, but ultimately Beautiful Post-Rock. Consisting of Mostly Instrumentals that manage to walk a fine like between Thunderous and Dreamy, leaving you rattled by the rush by the end. They might be shy, but When Vessels do decide to step in front of a mic, they bring  vocal hooks that can stand with some of the best Indie Rock Songs around. Check out the gorgeous but haunting Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute (sounds to me like a Tool song title, heh.) or the Warming maelstrom of All our Ends. look for this album out if you love Progressive Indie Rock or if you find Post-Rock to be the slightest bit Boring or repetitive. If this album doesn’t change your mind, I’m not sure anything will.

92%- Armordillo

Recur– Off  Vessels New album, Helioscope


The Squeezebox: Grails- Deep Politics (2011)

10 03 2011

Portland based Grails offers some Moody, Experimental, Post Rock  for the Post-apocalyptic. Filled with wide-spanning creativity and freedom, Deep Politics boasts a sound that is both Dense and diverse in song structure, whether it’s the other-worldly sound effects, the foreboding keys, Hard rock guitar, Classical influences, Folky woodwinds, or dark electronica. The album is Contemplative and dramatic in approach; feeling both futuristic and nostalgic, and would make for a superb movie Score. Check out Grails if you like instrumental music without boundaries; Tension filled sounds for the imagining mind.

82% – Armordillo

The Squeezebox: Mogwai- Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (2011)

15 02 2011

Scottish Post-Rockers release a surprising but welcome album that incorporates new instrumentation and emotion into their repertoire. Adding to their traditional (mostly) Instrumental approach of rising guitar epics with new-found sounds like synthesizers and vocodors. making for a sort of electro-rock on part of the album which makes it lighter and warmer than its predecessors. Granted, it still Rocks like no other, but instead of pummeling the listener into the earth, Hardcore will never… aims for the heavens. Listen to the opener White Noise which feels like flying in an Airplane over the cloud-line or Rano Pano– a slow rocking mammoth of a song fit to accompany a view of mountainous terrain. When all is said and done, this is one of the best Post Rock album this listener has heard in a very long time

88%- Armordillo

The sound quality is pretty bad but this is the best I can do for now. Rano Pano


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