TrackRunners: Lost Caverns Mix -Late 60s Early 70s

26 01 2011

A Mix of Classic Rock Songs to groove to – That may or may not have fallen through the Cracks.

Hope You enjoy. -Armordillo


Squeezebox:Sleepy Sun-Embrace (2009)

8 12 2010

Finding Sleepy Sun and their debut Embrace earlier this week, I felt a combined  sense of awe and satisfaction wash over me.Even in a Psychedelic scene with a history of 40 plus years, this Bay Area Group offer a unique Hybrid of sounds from the era. Recalling the golden age of rock and hippie-dom, This two-headed Giant walks a fine line between ethereal California folk harmonies with pummeling Psychedelic Metal of epic proportions; often within the same song.  The Sounds on this album are a true throwback to the LSD era: Mind melting Guitar Heroics, Sludgy Bass Riffs pushed into the red, Smokey reverb-soaked Vocals  and Huge sounding Bonzo Drums Combine for a Rock Lover’s dream. Track There is almost an elemental  quality to the music as you listen to it:whether the feeling of a black mountain looming on the horizon or just feeling lost in the woods, this album leaves you with a sense of voyage and bombast perfect for rolling up and reading a fantasy novel. If you’re a fan of Dungen or Comets on Fire,  you should get this however you can. I know what my soundtrack is for my next trip to Big Sur. 9/10      -Armordillo

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