And now, a word from our sponsors.

8 12 2010

This December marks the beginning of something new.  A collaborative, creative endeavor that we three embark upon to bring thoughtful, original music-related content to the masses.  Balafonic, named after the Balafon, a wooden-keyed percussive idiophone, like a West African marimba.  We chose this name not only because it sounded cool and was available, but also because it represents a conglomeration of our varied musical interests.  The balafon creates all three building blocks of music:  rhythm, melody and harmony, with ease. These are the mind, body and soul of that which we love.  It is also flexible and prolific, yet still exotic and laborious to construct.  The Balafon exists within the larger context of West African musical culture and is rarely played in solo performance.  Like the three of us, the Balafon sounds great alone, but in a team its worth is truly realized, its sound resonating with the other instruments and soaring to new heights.

We will be posting regularly over the coming weeks, months, years, and we hope that you all enjoy our rantings.  And so it begins.


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