Fresh Fish: Tree City – Definement

21 01 2011

One of the biggest current Hip Hop crews in Ann Arbor, Tree City just dropped their new track, “Definement” last weekend: A chilled cocktail of organic, atmospheric beats served up by Melbourne, Australia’s own ARKiV, with some very smart, contemplative lyrics from the Tree City crew about the hustle of life and how they see it.  Their first release of 2011 and their first song recorded in Clavius Crates’s new studio, “Definement” is a great start to a new year for this up-and-coming group, a strong display of musical creativity and intellectual cunning.


Bandcamp page


Fresh Fish: Cheeks – The Wiz

14 12 2010

Charles Cheeks, of Ann Arbor’s Tree City, released this new single yesterday off his upcoming debut solo project, The Potential EP.  With such a creative title, one may be surprised to find out that the featured sample is in fact from Michael Jackson’s The Wiz, one of Motown’s greatest films.  But all sarcasm aside, this track is pretty damn hot.  Cheeks, like the rest of Tree City, has always shown a heightened propensity for lyrical dexterity, and “The Wiz” follows nicely in suit.  The synths, samples and breaks bring a crisp, fresh, uplifting feeling to the beat, kicking it up to the next level.  What’s the theory of freshness?  Welcome to The Wiz.

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