The Squeezebox: Elbow- Build a rocket boys! (2011)

9 03 2011

After winning the British Mercury Prize in 2008 with their stellar Seldom seen kid, The guys from  Manchester took a little time with the follow-up to so much success. Build a Rocket Boys! comes equipped with orchestral, Arena Ready Anthems still made to rise above the rafters- Where Emotive Subject matter and patient but Progressive Songwriting takes precedence. Filled up largely with slow, contemplative, Piano-based Melodies and Orchestral beauty. The band is Perhaps less ambitious than Seldom… and sounding more “Content” with themselves. That’s not necessarily a flaw though and It makes sense; Elbow is now more popular and acclaimed than ever before. How should band sound that has made a career writing songs about being depressed and downtrodden to now find themselves content in a heap of new fans and due respect?

Sometimes though, Rocket.. can be a little laborious to get through. The pacing of the album can slow down to a halt; some of the tracks are a little too spare and feel sluggish; which might make you tune out and allow it to fade into the background. Still, a great follow-up to Seldom seen and a very welcome addition  to Elbow’s Catalogue.

76% – Armordillo




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