The Squeezebox: PJ Harvery Let England Shake (2011)

24 02 2011

Veteran Singer/Songwriter PJ Harvey Makes a big statement with her newest LP, Let England Shake: a wide-spanning concept album dedicated to her own country and the price of War.  Staunchly British, this album is filled with all sorts of Britishisms.  Shuffling Folk Rock and occasionally dreamy ballads dominate this album; bringing in boozy horns, Jalopy sounds and Peppy Choruses and Chants that turn what could be a drawling, preachy album into something immediate and, at parts, even kind of bouncy and fun, despite the Vivid and often Brutal lyrics.  Her words strike with conviction and sadness about her home country during wartime—A message that while even in the US (of which some of the lyrics express a bit of resentment)  can still be heard and hit close to home. The words might be a little heavy-handed at times, particularly the middle of the album, Which turns Let England Shake into something more impressive and thought-provoking than enjoyable. But I seriously doubt that’s what Ms. Harvey what’s going for to begin with.

86% – Armordillo




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