The Squeezebox: Yuck- Self Titled (2011)

22 02 2011

The latest product of the UK hype machine , the unfortunately named Yuck comes out with their debut, an album consisting of scuzzy grunge/ noise pop deeply indebted to the distorted chord bashing of the late 80s and early 90s. Squalling, Overdriven guitars matching boyish but gritty vocals and a staunch lo-fi aesthetic. This nostalgic Rock sound and album often ends up being great but is at times inconsistent.  Some songs are bogged down by the dependence on their distortion pedals and being a little too indebted to their Influences. The slow burners particularly sometimes end up as duds that sound a little undercooked or 2nd string versions of their favorite bands.

Still, there is more than enough to love on Yuck. Georgia offers up an equally jangling and fuzzy pop song with sweetly sung fe/male vocals to make a song that can stand along with their idols. Or the opener Get Away a song that’s fueled with punkish angst and a guitar lead that would make Dinosaur JR. proud. Yuck is still a very young band and have a lot of things going for them. As long as they continue develop their potential and break out of their shell, their future work could be something really special.

74% – Armordillo

Yuck is streaming this whole album for free on Soundcloud, what a cool band!




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