The Squeezebox: Radiohead – The King of Limbs (2011)

21 02 2011

What can I say about Radiohead that hasn’t been said before?  Arguably the most revered music group in the past 20 years, a group that has developed a higher standard that all their albums are held to.  What would be a great album for another band turns into “adequate” for Radiohead.  It can be unfair and would be crushing to any other group, but it seems that when Radiohead releases a new album of material,  their music is pretty universally accepted in the Indie-verse.  Something incredible in this day and age of disparate tastes and trolling opinions.  That day has ended now, and opinions will be divided and lines will be drawn on The King of Limbs, The 8 Song album download that came out last Friday, almost out of nowhere.

Those expecting In Rainbows part deux might be a little put off by King.. as this album is much more difficult and has more in common with Kid A/Amnesiac or Thom’s Yorke‘s Eraser.  Skeletal, skittering drums, triggered electronic pulses layer and ebb, bass lines rumble at the forefront, and Thom Yorke is as cryptic as ever. Each instrument on these songs has a distinct rhythm to it, creating a shifting, off-kilter void to be wrapped around and get lost in. The songs might not pop out to some listeners initially, but repeated listens unravel the album to me for what it is:  Another work of brilliance.  It’s strange but fascinating, disorienting but familiar. It might bewilder a lot of listeners at first expecting traditional Radiohead (Is there such a thing?) but this is a band doing what they do best, making compelling music while evolving their craft into the next chapter.

95% -Armordillo

New Video for Lotus Flower, Off the new  Album The King of Limbs




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