The Squeezebox: The Strokes- Angles (2011)

25 03 2011

Ten years ago they were the world’s biggest indie band and now this.. The Strokes‘ latest, Angles is a pleasant album, but one that suffers from having too many Cooks in the kitchen. The major complaint back then was that just about every track written by singer Julian Casablancas sounded eerily similar- using late 70s CBGB’s Artists and the Velvet Underground as a template and incorporating Chugging, dual guitar attacks and a free willing garage feel to their songs making them sound like a classic lost band of the era.

Angles is the antithesis of This is it.. sounding Big, Bright, and Glossy and Mining more from an early 80s music base.  A lot of the songs are now mostly penned by Guitarists Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valensi or Written with every band member credited on at least one song, and Lead Singer Julian is far away, E-mailing his vocals into the studio- this all comes across as disconnected, and the tracks end up being eclectic to a fault. Certain songs are stellar, but sometimes it doesn’t even sound like the same band from a track to track basis. I understand that they want to branch out and create something new, (it’s a few years too late going back to their early sound) and they are different people than they were a decade ago, but if you’re going to throw us fans a “Come-Back” album of sorts, they should have approached it the right way instead of the struggle Angles sounds like.

73/100 – Armordillo

Under Cover of Darkness. Sorry about the Vevo.




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