The Squeezebox: Daedelus- Bespoke (2011)

23 03 2011

Hmm.. a rather puzzling album from Bookish Electronic Wizard Daedelus and his latest Bespoke on the stellar Ninja tune Records. Filled with sporadic, strung-out layers meant to whirl and dazzle unfortunately  may leave you confused and a bit unsettled. It just never feels comfortable with itself or to the listener. and more importantly it doesn’t go anywhere. Like chugging a fifth and going on a carnival ride (Something I would never do) – it just makes you dizzy, blurs your vision, and you feel a little woozy; once you think your head is about to stop spinning and a song feels like it’s coming into focus, it veers off  and you’re seeing double again.

There are undoubtably good songs on here; Penny Loafers featuring Inara George uses this woozyness and turns it into a hallucinogenic Nightmare (In a good way)  and Tailor Made featuring Milosh is a bustling techno track that’s just a bit too weird for the dance floor. it hardly makes it worth a purchase though, this ends up being the one Album from Daedelus to put back on the shelf.

54/100 -Armordillo

Tailor Made Featuring Milosh




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