The Squeezebox: Vessels- Helioscope (2011)

16 03 2011

This is what Indie Rock Should sound like. Challenging and exciting, visceral and emotive, Vessels release Helioscope– An Album of Angular, progressive, but ultimately Beautiful Post-Rock. Consisting of Mostly Instrumentals that manage to walk a fine like between Thunderous and Dreamy, leaving you rattled by the rush by the end. They might be shy, but When Vessels do decide to step in front of a mic, they bring  vocal hooks that can stand with some of the best Indie Rock Songs around. Check out the gorgeous but haunting Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute (sounds to me like a Tool song title, heh.) or the Warming maelstrom of All our Ends. look for this album out if you love Progressive Indie Rock or if you find Post-Rock to be the slightest bit Boring or repetitive. If this album doesn’t change your mind, I’m not sure anything will.

92%- Armordillo

Recur– Off  Vessels New album, Helioscope




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