Fresh Fish: Sepalcure- Fleur EP (2011)

7 03 2011

Already sporting an all-star roster of  producers, Scuba, Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison, Etc., Hot Flush is rapidly turning out arguably the hotbed of Garage/2 Step dopeness. Sepalcure is the latest product of the label: Producers Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart, (who usually records Glitchy Break-beats under the Moniker MachineDrum) together craft Dub-step with a more Spacious feel to their sound and a unique blend of deep techno and house Influences. You can Bask in the hazy tranquility of these beatscapes rather than the subterranean Gloom and claustrophobia of most dubstep. Fleur offers a more heady and surreal take on a genre that is sometimes too preoccupied with just melting your face and rattling your rib cage.   at the risk of being too pre occupied with the  rising popularity of dubstep/ 2 step Garage, we offer you Sepalcure and the newest Gem Fleur EP  for the amazing Hot Flush Records.  Fans of the label gotta pick this one up along with their previous EP/Single, Love Pressure.

83%- Amordillo




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