The Vault: The Resurrection of Lost Highway

7 03 2011

It was one of those days when the ol’ A.D.D was acting up.

Impatient and indecisive, I had no idea what music I was in the mood for. With a sigh and a little hope,  I set the iPod to shuffle and waited for IT, the music that would act as my Ritalin.

After rejecting several songs that just weren’t cutting it, there it was, the album that soothed my bored and sunny soul, the Lost Highway soundtrack. It was pure fate that a “shuffle ferver” brought me right back to 1997, a time when I was pretending I was a lot of things: a skater, a guitar player, and yes, a 13 year-old that understood David Lynch movies. Almost 15 years after Lost Highway’s release, does anyone actually understand it? Come on. Admit it.  You STILL don’t. Only David Lynch knows what’s going in a David Lynch movie.

I honestly remember very little of what goes in the film beyond the fact that it’s starring Bill Pullman(of all people) and features a delightful cameo from Marilyn Manson; but let it be known, the soundtrack is the clear star of this film. How can you not be immediately drawn into a soundtrack that begins with David Bowie eerily wailing about secrets and  being deranged. Man, this soundtrack is so loaded with gems! Gems, I tell you!The brain child of Trent Reznor, this soundtrack is a far and dark cry from his most recent soundtrack work, The Social Network. Lost Highway is so very 1990’s Trent Reznor; heavy handed, menacing, laiden with rough guitars, and well, strange.

Back in the mid-90’s Reznor was every industrial/goth/angsty/rocker kid’s wet dream for afterall, he had good hair and talent.  Stopping at nothing, Reznor even enlisted the help of another love child of the 90’s, Billy Corgan and his  Smashing Pumpkins, getting them to include a rare track, Eye, a steely lover’s lament. Perhaps the most random inclusion is the rockabilly/super-distortion infused version of Lou Reed’s This Magic Moment. Simply beautiful. Never to be repeated again. Just when my memory thought it couldn’t get any better…with every track, more icons rise up from the depths, cloaking me in the comfort of the mid-90’s. Towards the close of the soundtrack we have none other than Germany’s Rammstein. The track Heirate Mich, which, meticulously translated into  english means, “heartbreak”… and perhaps in guitar-speak, “Fuck you”…? I haven’t been UP on my Rammstein research as of late, but listening to it here makes me hope for a 2011 world tour. No?

In reprise, the siren wails of  David Bowie close the album as deep thoughts of reflection come to me…I’m probably not ever going to understand what the hell’s going on in a David Lynch film, but I sure can appreciate the art of The Soundtrack.


Trent Reznor discusses being tardy to Nine Inch Nails shows due to weekly viewings of Twin Peaks

Revel in 90’s glory with Eye, the rare Smashing Pumpkins’ track  




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7 03 2011

hahaa. Yes, he did have great hair. I enjoyed this very much, Les. And I recently watched Lost Highway twice in the same day. I still don’t know what happened. But like most DL fans, I would swear I had a plausible answer.

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