Fresh Fish: J-Live – No Time To Waste (2011)

14 02 2011

Immenent NYC Hip Hop guru J-Live kicked off the new year last month with the release of his latest single, “No Time to Waste,” produced by classic D.I.T.C. DJ Diamond D and featured on J-Live’s upcoming album, SPTA Said Person of That Ability.  As has come to be expected from this crew, Diamond D keeps the sound fresh and tight, with some well placed piano trills, string-ensemble-driven harmonics and, it goes without saying, smooth, smart and relevant rhymes with a sense of urgency and necessity.  It’s almost as if J-Live isn’t rhyming because he wants to, but because he needs to.  These words must be heard, y’all, and who else can spit them better?

Reading the liner notes on the Bandcamp page, though, I came across production credits that mention a Triple Threat production studio in Atlanta… what?  Are D.I.T.C. and Triple Threat not NYC-based?  Is this a sign that J-Live is expanding his record label to the Dirty South?  After much sleuthing and investigation all over the internet, I still have come up with nothing.  This question thus remains a mystery, and until J-Live answers it himself, it looks like we’ll all be sitting in the dark, wondering what that ATL tag means…





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