The Squeezebox: Surf City – Kudos (2010)

8 02 2011

Better late than never, right? Released in November of last year, I am just now hearing of this? (I’m Lame, I know) New Zealand’ s Surf City play in a Scruffy Indie Rock flurry using jangling fuzz, catchy surf riffs, and Softly Cooing Harmonies with reckless abandon. Check out the Guitars and ode to the West Coast on the title track kudos, the hum-able  Teacher or the slow burner Yakuza Park to see what I mean.They might not be the most innovative group – the songs seem Familiar in presentation but confident in execution.

Imagine if Jesus & The Mary Chain (a B-side of theirs inspired their band name) and the Pixies or Pavement had a love child with a more noisy, jamming approach and you’d be close (Sort of). The reverb of every instrument on every track may put off listeners who like their Indie Rock to sound more clear and in-your-face and some of these songs are either a little long-winded or bogged down by the lo-fi production(Just like this sentence, Hey!). But fans of this new resurgence of Chiming Beach rock (a la Real Estate and Surfer Blood) will no doubt find plenty to love on here. 78% -Armordillo

Surf City on BookFace

Surf City’s MySpace




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