Balafonic Music Podcast Episode 1: Seanzee

25 01 2011

After much toil and anticipation, we at Balafonic present to you our very first audio podcast!  This episode features budding Grand Rapids-based Hip Hop producer Seanzee.  Take a listen to hear us talk all about Seanzee’s history, influences, process, future dreams and more.  Not to mention a hefty serving of Seanzee’s best beats.  Enjoy our rantings!

Click the little down arrow below on the right to grab the mp3.

DISCLAIMER:  The interview for this podcast was recorded on a macbook built-in microphone, and as such lacks a fair amount of audial quality.  Nevertheless, the conversation is still audible and more or less intelligible, and rest assured that in the future we will be recording with much more professional equipment.  More to come, get excited!




One response

27 01 2011
Harry Stern

Beats are crazy, I especially like those last two minutes, that compilation. Seanzee’s sweet as hell.

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