Fresh Fish: Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers – Teenage and Torture

24 01 2011

Hello world!  Let me introduce you to the sultry, the rockin’, the messy, the soulful….
Let’s hear a round of applause for Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers!

Knitting Factory Records presents her second album, Teenage and Torture, on a tarnished silver platter complete with empty Wild Turkey shot glasses, hole-y stockings, and maybe an angsty tear or two.  God, how I instantly loved Miss Shilpa Ray. Makes me want to dress-up. Where are my fishnets?

This album is complete with the hurried and raw energy of her first release, Fish Hooks and an Open Eye (2008) but hmmm let’s see… aged to near perfection.  I’m really not a girl-band girl.  Yes, yes…I did go through a Hole phase, but that was more for the humor and spectacle that was Courtney Love.  But let’s be honest, who can identify with Courtney Love?

I relate to Shilpa Ray. I was captivated by her honesty after reading a brief Myspace bio where she admitted that the Happy Hookers project was the first thing she’d ever finished in her life and how good she felt about getting herself out there. I feel like she and I could swap stories over late-night Miller High Lifes or something.  These Happy Hookers are not only the band down the street here in Brooklyn, but they tear it up too.


Pick up Teenage and Torture over at Knitting Factory Records
Or check our Shilpa Ray’s MySpace for more.




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