The Squeezebox: Mux Mool – Drum EP 2

24 01 2011

So you like electronic music.  Video game bleeps, boom-claps and synths.  You enjoy dancing like a fool in your room to music that could evacuate a dancefloor with its weirdness.  You spend your days holed away playing with pirated copies of Fruity Loops, Cakewalk and Ableton Live.  You’re a beat junkie, and you love it.  Fear not, young pilgrim, for the Balafonic Crew is right by your side, freaking with the best of ’em.

So what’s bumping on the speakers this morning?  Why, if it isn’t Brooklyn-based Big Beat Electro-Hip Hop-Nerd Mux Mool, with his Drum EP 2, released last Friday and available online by donation only.  I love concept albums for their overarching themes.  So many albums out there today are just collections of songs that a band made, but with concept albums there is a larger narrative, a flow between tracks and throughout the album that gets me giddy, even if some of the individual tracks aren’t that hot.

And so it is with Drum EP 2, in which Mux Mool presents us with six songs he produced entirely while riding on airplanes.  As to be expected with an airplane album, Drum EP 2 is appropriately dreamy and introspection-inducing.  I can feel the stale air, the loud whirs and hums of the air conditioner, the sterile attendants and crying babies.  Please keep your tray tables in their upright and locked positions.

But Mux himself says it best when describing why he made this EP on Soundcloud:  “traveling in general can be rather soul sucking if you don’t properly prepare yourself. So this is an exercise in trying to remain inspired and present at a time when there is only frustration and anxiety and crying babies and snoring people and bad smells and stale air and delays and loneliness all around you.”

We can see then, that out of the most uninspiring, oppressive and ugly situations it is possible to still find inspiration, to create beauty and to appreciate soul.  Thanks for this little diddy, Mux, can’t wait for more.


Pick up your copy of Drum EP 2 over at Moodgadget




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