The SqueezeBox: Incise- Familiar Voices (2010)

19 01 2011

Serving as a Introduction to his sound, Incise Drops Familiar Voices, a Compilation for FREE.  Ontario’s Finest Takes tracks from his last two Japanese Releases Nobody’s Story (2008) & Daily Methods (2010). Presumably made as a sort of promotional tool to grab new listeners.It was an effective way to get his name out there in hip hop circles. It Definitely worked; I took the free sample and I’m Hungry For more.

On Familiar Voices Incise crafts Instrumental Hip Hop consisting of Deep and soulful grooves. Sampling tranquil Jazz melodies characteristic of Japanese Hip Hop Production while also incorporating far-out electronic elements. Add it all up with some signature Primo Thump and  Incise seems to have achieved perfect beat alchemy. It’s been said that the best things in life are free. I’m not sure if this is what our elders meant, but Incise’ MP3 release fits the sentiment to me perfectly. Give this guy some love-Did I mention it’s free? 87% -Armordillo




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20 01 2011
Kitchen Dip Recordings

Thanks for the support, nice writeup!

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