Squeezebox: FowL – Live From the D

12 01 2011

Raise your hand if you think freestyling is cool.  Okay, now put your hand down if Eminem has NOT announced to the world that you are the best freestyler in the nation.  Only one man’s hand should be raised, and that man is 18-year-old Detroit native, FowL.  FowL killed it in the “Red Bull EmSee: The Road to 8 Mile National Championship” contest last summer, and just last week he dropped his debut mixtape, Live From the D.

Hokey name?  Possibly.  But FowL is proud of his hometown and not afraid to show it.  Detroit shines bright on Live, thanks mainly to FowL’s lyrical prowess.  The beats are tight, including one courtesy of underground demigod Madlib, but this is above all a showcase of FowL’s talent, and he rolls over these tracks like a combine through a wheat field, thrashing and shredding it up on the mic, leaving all the rest of those freestylers in the dust.

Tight, gritty and raw, Live From the D is a great introduction to a fresh new artist on the verge of grand stardom.  8.7/10

Download Live From the D Here

The Ambassador Bridge (prod. Black Milk)




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