2011: Big Plans, Big Change

6 01 2011

Howdy friends!

As the New Year begins, us here at Balafonic are beginning a new and exciting period in our lives as well.  As some of you know already, not a single member of our dastardly trio is currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, in spite of our love and attraction towards it.  In one week, this will begin to change, with Leslie a.k.a. itschewbac’s relocation.  Followed shortly thereafter, I (Travis) will be joining her there in Brooklyn and together we will begin our motions, rituals and incantations to shake the foundations of the music world.

Tom (a.k.a. Armordillo) will be holding down the fort here in Ann Arbor for the next year or so, but assuming all goes as planned, he shall be joining us in Brooklyn as well very soon.  With this epic triumvirate finally reunited, the world will shudder, the gods will bow, and a new star shall be born in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

Our impact will reach way beyond a simple music blogging site.  A production studio and record label/music collective are only the beginning.  Over the next year, as our NY network expands, so too will the Balafonic family, evolving organically with the membership it attracts.  Power to the Music People.





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