The Squeezebox: Flying Lotus – Pattern + Grid World E.P.

23 12 2010

Flying Lotus‘s second release of the year and only three months after releasing his crowning achievement – Cosmogramma, a bold, experimental, opus that pushed the both the boundaries of his music and the genre. Now that he’s created his most widely acclaimed record by far, what will Steven Ellison do next?

E.P.s are usually stop-gap releases filled with a single or two and then some other more experimental leaning song’s not fit for a full length. Unfortunately that is exactly what this EP seems to be.  After hearing the lead single “Kill your co-workers” – A thrilling  drum-n-bass track with gleeful 8 bit Casio sounding keyboards that plays like the video game soundtrack of yester-year. Reminiscent of   Mouse on Mars and Square Pusher’s best work without being derivative and with a killer video to boot. This awesome new sound for Flying Lotus doesn’t carry over to the rest of Pattern + Grid World however, leaving some of these songs sounding sketchy, (Jurassic Notion/M theory) meandering, and sometimes, downright obnoxious (Pieface)  versions of his previous work.  It’s worth checking out for a few choice songs,(Clay is Quality) but not for casual Flying Lotus Fans or people not yet convinced by his work.  If you want to start somewhere go with the reset EP or any of his full length’s since this isn’t characteristic of his “normal” glitchy Trip-Hop style.

6.3/10 -Armordillo




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