The Squeezebox: Foals – Total Life Forever (2010)

22 12 2010

When I first Heard Foals two years ago, I had sort of a feast or famine reaction to their debut Antidotes. Parts of it were an awesome collision of post-punk/dance with mathematical guitar lines and odd time signatures. Many songs Hit the sweet spot of balancing the two sides of their sound such as balloon and two steps twice, while others are just too angular for their own good. Enter Total life Forever: an album totally blowing all my expectations out of the water.

Perhaps inspired by the recent crop of dance music raiding indie music circles, for their Sub Pop Debut they decide on taking away the abrasive Punk-ish attitude and develop a far more complex, accomplished, and layered approach to songwriting . The songs structures ebb in and out for a more laid back feel; sometimes developing a danceable funk groove while simultaneously being more emotive and immediate – Less Gang of Four, More Talking heads. It still fits within the template of their original sound but comes off in a Completely different way. In fact if you played this to someone who’s heard their debut and play this album without telling them, they wouldn’t know it was the same band. A brilliant, accomplished album that I feel was criminally over looked in the States this year. Don’t sleep





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