Trackrunners: Everybody Plays the Fool

20 12 2010

Damn there’s alot of heartache out there…

Your boyfriend told you your glasses were “ugly”. The girl you have a crush on didn’t check the “yes” box. You got The Herp from that okCupid lover who “didn’t seem like that kind of girl”. The dude reading The Giving Tree on the subway didn’t fall in-love with you by your stop.

Day after day our cruel world throws it at us and sometimes we just need a little soul for to ease our souls…Relief is on its way. The music understands.

itschewbac’s Heartache Mix: Everybody Plays the Fool

1. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate x The Persauders

2. I Could Never Love Another After Loving You(After Loving You) x The Temptations

3. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted x Jimmy Ruffin

4. Don’t Play that Song x Aretha Franklin

5. You’re No Good x Betty Everett

6. So You’re Leaving x Al Green

7. What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am x The Tams

8. Slip Away x Clarence Carter

9. Everybody Plays the Fool x The Main Ingredients




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