The Squeezebox: Hir-O – The Voyage Home

20 12 2010

When it comes to instrumental hip hop, I am a hard one to please.  Sure, there’s plenty of great beats out there (Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus, Dabrye, et cetera et cetera), but the repetitive nature inherent in Hip Hop beats wears me thin real quick.  Most instrumental albums I can’t even enjoy in one sitting.  I just get bored and stop paying attention.

But this couldn’t be farther from the truth for Hir-O’s newest release, The Voyage Home.  Like any great producer, Hir-O understands that instrumental Hip Hop is more than just beats without an emcee.  His beats on this album are big, beefy, crisp and unique.  And best of all, there’s actually lots of variation and thematic arc to the songs!  The sampling is excellent too, especially on the lyrical tracks like Headlock and I and I, echoing the vocal sampling skills of greats such as RJD2 and DJ Shadow.

The Voyage Home, available for free download at Hir-O’s Bandcamp page, is yet another strong addition to the ever growing library of exquisite SE Michigan Hip Hop, and we here at Balafonic are glad to welcome it to the club.


Download The Voyage Home for free here




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