Fresh Fish: The Lyricists – How Nice I Am

20 12 2010

Straight out of Port Huron, MI, Michigan’s forgotten second passage into Canada, come the Lyricists, a fresh, intelligent hip hop duo with some tight writing, sampling, scratching and producing skills.  I always love it when something zesty and exciting comes out of these relatively obscure corners of the Mitten.  I mean really, outside of the Great Lakes states, who’s ever heard of Port Huron?  With a location just far enough away from Flint and Detroit yet a population of no more than 32 thousand, Port Huron has created an independent yet fairly insignificant mark on the Southeast Michigan cultural map.

This doesn’t seem to phase The Lyricists though, and How Nice I Am, coming hot off the heels of August’s release of their Constructicons Mixtape, is a great example of these emcees’ lyrical and production prowess.  And thanks to a nice little Tribe sample, we get a Funky Introduction to how Nice The Lyricists really sound.  Thanks Phife.




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