Armordillo’s Top 10 Albums of 2010 Part One:10-6

17 12 2010

Here’s me looking back on this year with my favorite albums. Enjoy—

10. The Besnard lakes-…are the roaring night

Although Heavier than their previous album, are the Dark Horse, The Besnard Lakes Still preserve their  Brian Wilson meets Led Zeppelin brand of Post-Rock. Check this out if you like gorgeous, haunting Vocals over Canyon-sized guitar Epics.

9. Baths- Cerulean

An Eclectic Batch of Electronica Sometimes generating the stuttering beats of Flying Lotus while other times  as sporadic as Prefuse 73. Most of the time though He sounds only like himself. Using Voices to softly croon over his static-y Sound collages and fragmented beats. Brilliant stuff.

8. Radio Dept- Clinging to a scheme

Perfecting their Craft of melancholic Dream Pop and 80s esque Drum Machines and Synths that will hopefully open them up to an American Audience. Using crystalline guitar Melodies,  Bustling Electronic Keyboards and synth stabs Finally they have the production they needed to Serve their Song writing. Check out the Clever use of Ping Pong Balls Sampled for Token of gratitude, the almost Reggae Vibe of Never Follow Suit or the glorious David for more proof.

7. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

Continuing their Climb into Indie Rock Olympus, Arcade return with what  could be their Finest Album Yet. They Have always written Amazing songs, but with Suburbs they find their feel of Flow and Pacing for an album. From Start to finish, The Suburbs Paints a Complete Picture, one to stare into for hours on end. Probably the Biggest “grower” on the list.

6. Surfer Blood- Astro Blood

Fresh Faced and out of Florida, these new kids on the block offer big, beefy  Riffs coupled with sunny Melodies that makes every song a potential hit single. From the catchy opener Floating Vibes, The Riff Monster that is Swim, to the slow building Anchorage if you don’t find at least one song on this album you like you probably either don’t like guitar that much or you just take yourself too seriously. Perfect for Blasting in your car or playing Air Guitar (Don’t try at the same time; it’s kinda hard) Funny how when I first saw this album I thought it would be a punk band (hehe)

Numbers 5-1 Coming soon!!!




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