TOKiMONSTA and a cheese smoothie anyone?

16 12 2010

Why does Bob Boilen of NPR have to be so much cooler than me and a generation(give or take a few) too old for me?With little exception, I respect every single piece of music he and his cronies at the All Songs Considered podcast recommend.  Bob, will you marry me? I know, I know…you’re married to the music. Sigh.

So yes. I’m giving away one of my sources for finding out about cutting edge or at least new music worth listening to. I guess everyone has sources, mine just don’t happen to be hip friends in underground bands or acquired via a low-paying job at a bad ass record label. No, it’s several hours a day listening to music, some good old fashioned word-of-mouth, and sleuthing the internet with zeal.

So again, thanks to an amazing show of All Songs Considered, I’ve been turned on to a lady dj, TOKiMONSTA from Los Angeles. She almost makes me want to give up my dreams of saving school children in The ‘Hood. I was bustling through her page online just now and read this comment a fellow fan typed,

“I want to drink a cheese smoothie after that eargasm”

Cheese+Smoothie=eargasm? Apparently because it’s the title of a track off her album featured below. Oh Jennifer Lee(that’s her real name), what kind of cheese exactly? Does it contain deep vibing electro beats, some soul, and touch of feminine class? Mmmmm.

Midnight Menu 2010

This isn’t the best electonic-hip hop-groove-trance-idm music I’ve ever heard, but that’s not the point. It’s interesting and damn, I think I am having a so-called eargasm. Especially when it melts into one ear and then the other. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

TOKiMONSTA official website

TOKiMONSTA on Myspace




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