The Squeezebox: Qwel & Maker-Owl (2010)

14 12 2010

Continuing their ongoing collaboration Chicago natives MC Qwel and producer Maker produce their third and finest effort yet, Owl.Although only around a few years, Qwel has proven himself one of the best lyricists of this era. This typical cats member weaving complex, emotive Rhymes together with deft and adaptable flows at will, slow meditative rhymes one minute, intense spitfire delivery the next. despite this, his style can be taxing and unapproachable. Sometimes more concerned with battling his personal demons than pleasing the listener. with Owl however, he scales back some of his eccentricities and it makes for more relaxed out and consistent album than their previous records.

I swear, Maker Consistently impresses me on every release. Seemingly finding an entire new batch of unique samples and sounds each release to fit the project. This time his beats are more subtle and relaxed; scaling back some of the world-music melodies to leave space for His Partner to breath. You Aren’t being bombarded from two Fronts this time and it goes a long way. Strangely some restraint from both parties made for a more listenable, soulful, and ultimately better album. At a time when you have to dig deeper to find gems, Owl is a true gift; a new album to fill the void in hip hop.

8.5/10 -Armordillo




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