Squeezebox:The High Dials-Moon Country(2008)

13 12 2010

One of Montreal’s best kept secrets, The High Dials offer up power pop with Big, Swelling Choruses and sing-along  melodies influenced by the British invasion with mild psychedelic guitars and a Shoegaze feel.  Imagine early Who and Byrds records played by the kitchens of distinction, taking the listener into 60s pop nirvana that hasn’t been achieved much since the heyday of the Stone Roses.

After their previous album War of the Wakening Phantoms, The group certainly had their work cut out for them.  Becoming less devoted to the 60s and bringing in more of a modern indie influences to the table, their sound reached maturity and evolved  into something more their own.  Combining harmonious fantasy-inspired hooks with spiraling guitars and keyboards to create an atmosphere-heavy combination of pop and mood. While not pushing the boundaries of their music into new territory, they certainly take the next logical step with their next release

Moon Country is a slightly more melancholic affair than their previous records.  Scaling back some of the walls of effected-guitars and using more acoustic sounds instead.  This album is a more eclectic batch of songs and is all the better for it. Whether it’s the hazey tranquility of “These Days Mean Nothing to Me,” the watery pop sounds of “Do the (Memory Lapse),” or the tripped out journey through”Open the Gates,”  this is a band taking their turn trying out a few different approaches to their songwriting and arrangements. An album that rivals their best work and hopefully opened them up to new fans .

8.3/10 -Armordillo

(P.S. January 14th 2011-High Dials are coming to the magic stick in Detroit. See them Tour for their new album, Anthems for Doomed Youth!)




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