Whispers from an Enchantress

13 12 2010

It’s important to me to remember the story behind something. Like the story of my scarf that went on an adventure around a friend’s neck, how I got a broken pair of plastic red handcuffs, and the history of my subway token necklace. Music, although intangible, is no different.
I hadn’t seen an old friend in probably over a year and we got together a month ago to catch up over wine in the dark den of his mom’s house. Of course there was talk of music and as always, I wrote down some musical artists that he was inspired by. This list grew to about ten artists only one of which I’ve researched and instantly felt connected to, a Miss Mariee Sioux. The other nine artists I’ll get to, just after I’m done being captivated by Mariee, which I hope continues for years to come. You know, I think I’m in the throws of a crush.

Faces in the Rocks 2007

This, her first record-label release, instantly invaded my psyche. She has the voice of an enchantress the likes I haven’t heard since Joni Mitchell. Seriously, I’m in-love.  I mean, look at the mystical album cover art. It’s totally something I would fall in-love with.
Although her last name Sioux and distinct use of the Native American flute denote a tie to that culture, from what I’ve researched, she probably wasn’t  eligible for a Native American college scholarship. After hearing this Native American-inspired/folk/Fairy Tale journey I wish more artists would draw upon the sounds of our country’s much-suppressed culture. Her delicate acoustic guitar picking style and breathy vocals always transport me to some mystic foggy netherworld. This post is a plea for Miss Sioux to continue weaving her own stories, at least for this lover of tales.



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