SqueezeBox: Telescopes-Self Titled (1994)

10 12 2010

“The Telescopes?! who are they?” you ask, “I’ve never heard of them” To be frank, no one else has either. Criminally overlooked during The Shoegaze era of the early 90s, they were lost in a wave of bands such as My Bloody Valentine,Ride, and Slowdive and were written off as derivative and just imitating their peers with nothing new to say. As the group was about to call it quits,they instead reformed with a new line up and style to release their self  best album.The group finally develops thier own take on Space rock and forged a hidden gem of the genre.

Instead of filling their songs with monstrous walls of Guitar distortion and feedback like they did in their formative years, They give this album a sense of space and texture. there is an almost 60s production vibe at times, bringing in keyboards,ringing acoustic guitars, and boy-girl vocal harmonies that flesh out their new sound. The guitars are brighter and clean: using electrics for spaced-out melodies and atmospheric swells to accent the track rather than pummel you. the mumbling lyrics of singer Stephen Lowry might put off some listeners, but if you’ve heard shoegaze (or 90s rock in general) you should know the deal.      -Armordillo




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